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I never liked FiM by Guei-Girl I never liked FiM by Guei-Girl
Okay, here comes the flames *puts shield up*

Personally, I NEVER EVER like My Little Pony: Friendship is magic. I hated it long before it was popular, and here's why:

Normally, I try not to judge cartoons by their character designs and animation, but I just can't help it with FiM. The ponies and other character are so poorly drawn and ugly looking, that they make South Park look like an early Don Bluth film. The ponies have eyes the size of watermelons, no snout, creepy serial killer smiles and have shapely human-like ummmm...hinders that came out of uncanny valley. How can anyone find these characters attractive. I saw mutated lifeforms in Chernobyl that were cuter than the G4 ponies.

And the ponies' personalities just come off as being fake and bratty. The ponies reminded me of snobbish, stuck up valley girls in high school that would pretend to be you friend, only to backstab you behind the back when you're no looking. I knew girls that were like the six main characters in real life, and they were NOT FUN to be around. In fact, I threatened to call the cops on a few of them. No wonder FiM is more popular with guys than girls, because most girls would never befriend fake bitches like that.

I don't mind if your fans of the show, but I never was. I have a few sane friends who like that show, they didn't try killing me over it.

Which reminds me....

Violent children shows and toys fans are nothing new. Remember the Cabbage Patch Kids? There were riots over these dolls, and fans injuring and killing people over these dolls. There was one wife and mother who was stabbed to death by another woman in the Cabbage Patch Kids riot of 1982. That's not funny. It's sick and tragic.

So, there you have it, my opinion on FiM and why I never got into it, even before it was popular.

TURNED OFF COMMENTS due to obsessies. Cry me a river. Not everyone likes FiM. Get the fuck over it and move on in life.
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October 10, 2012
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