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Which one of my original female characters have you taken a liking to the most? 

4 deviants said Princess Mayarie
3 deviants said Mist Elmbarn/Noelle Wong
3 deviants said Queen Halja/Hel
3 deviants said Rosa Chere
No deviants said Eir Gullmannen
No deviants said Empress Tala
No deviants said Oksana Crescent
No deviants said Calyssa Gatta
No deviants said Lilja Ornsyn
No deviants said Fiolett Ornsyn


Final Fantasy: Ladies of Light by Guei-Girl
Final Fantasy: Ladies of Light

I've been playing a lot of ROM Hacks recently. After getting done with the super awesome FFVI: The Eternal Crystals ROM hack, it left me searching for more RPG hacks.

So, I looked up some random hacks for the very first Final Fantasy game ever made for the NES/Famicom. I found many that were super awesome. The ones that caught my eyes were Feminine Fantasy and FF:Girls Night Out. Those hacks, you get to play an all female cast, as well as some much needed improved game play.

So, since I'm playing the Feminine Fantasy hack, I pictured my own OCs and my friend's OCs taking the roles of the Maidens of Light.

So, here is the roster for my imagined cast for FFI:

The Warrior/Knight: Oyu Kamio
The Red Mage/Red Wizard: Mist Elmbarn
The Black Belt/Master: Momose
The Thief/Ninja: Misora
The White Mage/White Wizard: Eir Gullmannen
The Black Mage/Black Wizard: Halja (aka. Hel, Hela)

Rub a dub dub! Three babes on a hot tub!
Talk about a pleasant surprise. Three hot game girls getting ready to skinny dip into their wooden Jacuzzi. Care to join them?

Girls pictured: Yasha (Rumble Roses), Ling Xiaoyu (Tekken series) and Celes Chere (Final Fantasy VI).
Mayarie in bondage
Mayarie gotten herself in a sticky, yet very kinky, situation. I wonder who's dungeon she's in, and who is having some rough fun with her? You decide!
Queen Halja in the slime pit
"You know what I love about slime? It's clean and dirty at the same time."

Looks tempting, huh? Come on, the slime isn't going to hurt you. Halja's playing in the slime, and she's a-okay. 
So, why not join her? Eh?


Mayu Martini
United States
I draw a lot of monster and non-human pics. I love monsters a lot, as well as gross out humor, fantasy and horror. Just warning you beforehand, though I do draw beautiful characters, but I can't guarantee my artwork will be easy on the eyes. Because IMHO, beautiful Barbies and Kens all the time gets boring and monotonous.

My favorite artists are Yoshitaka Amano, Brian Froud, Keita Amemiya, John Bauer, Marion Ponsoit, Hieronymus Bosch, David Teniers the Younger, Utamaro, Frank Frazetta, Hokusai, Hiroshige, Francisco Goya, Jan Mandijn, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Tomomi Kobayashi and Stephen Gammell. They all have inspired my art style in one way or another.

My favorite books to read are sci-fi, fantasy, horror and action/adventure stories.

I'm creating my own original universe called "The Realms of Alerfa". I'm still developing the realms and inhabitants as we speak. Stay tuned for more info on this series.
I've decided to take down some of my works on Adult Fan Fiction, due to some cyber bully dick cheese dumb oxen putting down my works for being different and thinking outside of the box. This is especially apparent with the Final Fantasy fan base. 

Oh geez, I am sooooooooo fucking sorry for not writing the same old, tired, worn out, done to death OoC yaoi and yuri fics that flood the site more than the tsunamis that Mount Krakatoa created during its eruption in 1883. I'm so tired of the same old OoC yaoi and yuri shit, the abuse = love shit, Mary Sue and Gary Stu shit and romanticized Stockholm Syndrome shit. Its the same old repetitive shit over and over and OVER AGAIN! I'm done with And I thought extreme hentai and erotica haters were weird and psycho? The fanboys and fangirls are even worse. They hate creativity, yet they have no knowledge how human relationships, healthy or otherwise, work in real life. How old are these people anyways? Have they graduated high school at all?

I'm sticking to other fanfic sites and this site. Its one thing to give constructive critiques, but cyber bullying and violent threats are just too much for me to handle.

Whew, I feel better now.

UPDATE: Here is my farewell message on that cesspool of no talented hacks:…
  • Mood: Anger
  • Listening to: Final Fantasy VI OST
  • Reading: HP Lovecraft
  • Watching: The Angry Video Game nerd
  • Playing: Final Fantasy V
  • Eating: Korean cuisine
  • Drinking: Ginger beer



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Hello there if you are interested i have a request for you. It involves Final Fantasy.
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I don't do requests, but whatever.
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CrimsonFALKE Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist… its this anime about robots and humans sort of the human robot war fought out in a coffee shop instead of a battle field.
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