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For doll customizers only: What is your favorite type of doll hair? 

8 deviants said Animal/Human hair
4 deviants said Saran
3 deviants said Plant based hair
2 deviants said Nylon
1 deviant said Acetate
1 deviant said Kanekalon
No deviants said Polypropelene
No deviants said Pilot
No deviants said Nylatex
No deviants said Tinsel


If your sane and like MLP, clap your hands! by Guei-Girl
If your sane and like MLP, clap your hands!
You all probably know I don't like the new MLP:FiM show and perfer older MLP shows over it.

However, if you like FiM, that's okay too. If you respect me, I'll respect you too. As long as you don't shove the fandom down my throat or claim the characters/world of FiM is reality, I'll be cool with you too.

But, for those rabid fans: I'm angry, annoyed and frustrated at you guys. I'm not cruel, selfish and heartless. I'm just annoyed with the lack of tolerance and maturity of those who be annoying about their FiM fandom. It makes my head hurt over the rabidness of the crazies.

So there you have it. I have nothing against sane, smart, and non-creepy FiM fans. I just can't stand the hateful, insane fans who say they "love and tolerate" but really don't. That's all.
Nyuu/Lucy is NOT REAL? NOOOOO! BAAAAW! by Guei-Girl
Okay, I used to like Elfen Lied. Then the idiotic basket case weeaboos gotten a hold of it, and killed all interest I had in the series.

But you would think they would know that Lucy/Nyuu is not real. I mean, there is no doubting that she's a work of fiction, right?

But wrong-a-roo! Some weeaboos that shall remain anon claim that she's real and go on about how they want to marry her. That is creepy! Not Cute! C-R-E-E-P-Y.

So voila, I made this stamp for the weeaboos that shall not be named. I know if Lucy was real, I would not want to dare her. I would run to the hills if someone as clingy, stalker-ish and possessive was on my ass. I don't blame Kouta for not forgiving her at first. Like I said, if someone stalked you, got possessive of you, and even go as far as killing your family and friends, would you forgive them and want to marry them? I know I wouldn't.
Grow up fanboys and fangirls! by Guei-Girl
Grow up fanboys and fangirls!
This stamp is aimed at all those fantards who claim to befriend/be married/be related to fictional characters. I'm sorry, but I think those guys never outgrew their imaginary friend stage in life. Sure, I can see children claiming fictional characters as imaginary friends, but teens and adults? Wow, that's just desperate. 

Sorry to say this, but adult/teen fanboys and fangirls acting like kindergartners is NOT CUTE! It's seriously creepy and disturbing. They should know that their favorite characters are not real or that they're favorite show/movie/game/book etc. is just fiction and is not reality. But apparently, that's not the case. Believe me, if your favorite character was real, they'd probably either want nothing to do with you, be frightened of you...or worse... have complete power and control over you in a possessive, psychotic, stalker-ish way. Would you want that in a friend/lover/etc.? I know I wouldn't.

Wake up and smell the coffee fanbrats: If you are old enough to use the internet, then you are too old for imaginary friends. Sad but true.  


Mayu Martini
United States
I draw a lot of monster and non-human pics. I love monsters a lot, as well as gross out humor, fantasy and horror. Just warning you beforehand, though I do draw beautiful characters, but I can't guarantee my artwork will be easy on the eyes. Because IMHO, beautiful Barbies and Kens all the time gets boring and monotonous.

My favorite artists are Yoshitaka Amano, Brian Froud, Keita Amemiya, John Bauer, Marion Ponsoit, Hieronymus Bosch, David Teniers the Younger, Utamaro, Frank Frazetta, Hokusai, Hiroshige, Francisco Goya, Jan Mandijn, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Tomomi Kobayashi and Stephen Gammell. They all have inspired my art style in one way or another.

My favorite books to read are sci-fi, fantasy, horror and action/adventure stories.

I'm creating my own original universe called "The Realms of Alerfa". I'm still developing the realms and inhabitants as we speak. Stay tuned for more info on this series.
Sorry if I've haven't been on more often. I've just been busy at this moment.

I'm trying to branch out into other forms of arts and crafts, performing artistic experiments at this moment. Plus, I've been going on outings with my sister and our friends, so I've been pretty busy recently.

So I just had to get that out to those wondering why I haven't been on here constantly. 
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AaronMon97 Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Do you hate Sexiness?
Guei-Girl Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
I don't mind sexiness, but fanservice all the time gets pretty damn boring.

I live by this rule: For every fanservice moment I offer, I will unexpectedly thrown in a boner smasher to balance things out. 
Astrogirl500 Featured By Owner 35 minutes ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
hello can i demand a realy request? when ariel slaping melody from tlm 2 (not like red and stimpy the last time ok)
AaronMon97 Featured By Owner 6 days ago
Do you want anime people to be ugly?

I mean why people think beauty is a bad thing in anime? It just irks me.
Guei-Girl Featured By Owner 6 days ago
I want there to be diversity. Not just pretty, not just ugly, but both. Diversity is the spice of life.
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Hello :)
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Thanks for the favorite
Guei-Girl Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2014
You're welcome.

You made a lot of valid points with that last journal post.

Sorry if I haven't commented on that page. real life has been keeping me busy.
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